July 13, 2020: "This Week in Fingerstyle!"

July 13, 2020

It's the middle of July already! Wow, this year seems to be going by quickly! Daryl Shawn keeps us up to date on the latest in fingerstyle with a new top ten of the best in fingerstyle guitar each week! The world is still bruised from the COVID crisis but the music is flowing! Thanks Daryl for helping to keep us going and entertained during this time and all the rest of the year!  

"The most exciting playlist on Spotify" reloaded again for a great Monday morning! "This Week in Fingerstyle" curated by Daryl Shawn is where you'll find the absolute best that true "Indie" has to offer in the world of fingerstyle! Daryl does all the selecting of the tunes, I just make a few comments. Put your headphones on or AirPods in and disappear into these wonderful sounds as we check out what gems Daryl found for us this week! "This Week" now has over 500 "Followers" enjoying this weekly treat!

First up is "Cloudy, No Rain" by Denis Turbide & Saltwood doubling up on nylon string guitars: a lovely piece with a blend of elements from western and Spanish. A wonderfully warm piece to start the day & "This Week!"

Next we have Mathew Joseph's "Waterlily (Guitar Duet)"! A refreshing and almost glisteningly crisp combination of what I think is his Carver and a baritone guitar beautifully dancing together just above the water! This is crisp, lovely and just sparkles! Beautiful Mathew!

"Redemption" by Lance Takamiya makes Monday morning new and beautiful again! After 4 months of "lockdown" or "semi-lockdown" from COVID concerns, this rich, elaborate dance of layered guitar just washes away all the tension and angst! What a wonderful piece Lance!

"And Here We Are" by Tommy Berre pulls us back into deeper thoughts and reflection with a slightly darker piece blending nylon guitars into a spiral that pulls us up and away to contemplate our very existence. And Tommy is the man to do it: a brilliant & prolific musician with a laser-like focus on where the next musical trend/opportunities lie. Without allowing those trends to reduce the quality or depth of his music, Tommy is not afraid to forge his own trail into the unknown while throngs of others follow his path desperately trying to catch up and catch a glimpse of what Tommy sees ahead. All this while churning out beautiful music to entertain us along the way. Hang on for the ride, sit back and do some deep reflection with "And Here We Are!"

"Etude, Op.35, No.17" is a modern teacher brilliantly and sensitively performing the work of an 18th century pedagogue. Jürg Kindle has the credentials to instruct on many levels and it is really wonderful to have him here "instructing" as well as entertaining with one of Fernando Sor's pieces from long ago. With perfect timing and a beautiful ease of motion, Jürg allows us a little insight into the roots of the guitar. If you've never played or heard these pieces, sit back and allow yourself to be immersed in the history of guitar by a modern-day master. And if this piece speaks to you, as it does me, check out the full album Jürg Kindle just released, "This is Classical Guitar", and perhaps pick one or more of these beautiful treasures to learn, or relearn, and add to your repertoire! "Danke" Jürg Kindle!

Hurdling us back into today is Lance Allen & Avery Bright (Allen & Bright) with a sweet cover of John Mayer's "Waiting On The World To Change". You'll immediately recognize and love this tender version of the 2006 hit song. Lance & Avery have such a wide range of mastered genres and work together as a perfect team that flows with a sense of ease and effortlessness. 

"As the Mystery Unfolds" by Peter Lainson is perhaps my favorite piece to date by Peter! With a musical arsenal at his disposal honed by decades of playing, Peter throws in some unusual chord changes that will have you perking up your ears as this piece flows from start to finish like a Colorado river trip down parts of the Grand Canyon where you'll find something new, exciting and wonderful around each new corner. Well done Peter & thanks for unfolding just a tiny piece of the mystery!

"Day 12 - Sele" by Jürgen Saalmann is the hauntingly beautiful reflection of the 12th day in his trip through Europe. To "see" each of these places captured musically by Jürgen's insightful hands is a treat that I am relishing with each release of a new piece of this trip! Beautiful inspiration passed along to each new audience! Thank you Jürgen! 

"The Splendor of Grace" is Ken Verheecke treating us to yet another airy float up to, through, and above the clouds! It's a beautiful world from up here and the music will leave you wanting to stay and look down for "just a while longer, please!" 

"Dedicatoria" by Will Moore is another treat taking us back to the brilliant influences of Spanish Guitar.  Just 1:47 in length this piece is so full & rich that it will leave you stunned at it's beauty and depth. To pack this much into such a short piece is truly amazing and the harmonics of the final bar stand as an exclamation mark as if to say "lots more where this came from!" Beautifully performed Will!

And don't stop there! Remember that all the past selections follow the new top ten starting with "Alone In the Fields" by Tommy Berre & Jerry Rockwell! So much beautiful music on this list, it is rather amazing and it grows ten new pieces each week!

Daryl Shawn, thank you again for making my Monday mornings a very special and exciting part of every week!

And that's it for another "This Week in Fingerstyle" by Daryl Shawn who every week puts together "the most exciting playlist on Spotify"!

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