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March 1, 2021: "This Week in Fingerstyle!"

            "This Week in Fingerstyle"  on Spotify by  Daryl Shawn ! March 1, 2021 by  Randal L Meek "" "This Week in Fingerstyle" is the wonderful creation of the talented fingerstyle artist  Daryl Shawn  who stays on top of everything fingerstyle and creates this spectacular playlist each week! So much good fingerstyle guitar music is being produced these days by incredible and talented musicians, and I'm here to put a smile on their faces every Monday morning! Daryl Shawn , an incredibly talented fingerstyle artist himself, makes my job easy as he sorts through all the new releases each week and chooses a new "top ten" featuring a representative current best in the world of fingerstyle and adds the new top ten to "The most exciting playlist on Spotify" every Monday morning! "This Week in Fingerstyle" curated by  Daryl Shawn  is where you'll find the absolute best that true "Indie" has t