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"Artistry Tuesday" featuring Michelle Qureshi

July 29, 2019 "Randal's View" “Artistry Tuesday” featuring Michelle Qureshi I was first introduced to Michelle Qureshi by some fellow musician friends about 10 months ago. She was one of the few female artists in some of the fingerstyle guitar groups I had joined that often, sadly, seem to be primarily male. Michelle stood out as not only one of the kindest and most helpful members of the groups, but also one of the most talented! Shortly after we met I remember her rather meekly announcing that she had just hit 1,000,000 streams on Spotify! She announced something along the lines of “I know it’s not a lot compared to some of you, but you know, baby steps.” I told her at the time that 1,000,000 streams constituted a pretty big baby! And there is no stopping Michelle who is one of the most talented, diverse, hard-working and prolific guitar artists I have ever known. Michelle is the model of how to succeed: have great natural talent, practice hard, work hard
"This Week in Fingerstyle" by Daryl Shawn on Spotify! "The most exciting playlist on Spotify" reloaded again for a great Monday morning! "This Week in Fingerstyle" curated by Daryl Shawn! First up is "For An Audience of Trees" by Kenneth Verheecke . Most every time Ken picks up a guitar he taps into that "essence of the universe" and becomes part of the nature around him! It's a very difficult task but Ken somehow gets inside the trees, plays to them alone and shows us the slow, gentle world of an "audience of trees". This is a look at nature that only a gifted artist can give! It's absolutely beautiful! "Escape" by "Lance Allen & Avery Bright" has these two masters at their best with what sounds like a steel string layered with a nylon string and a cello combining for an almost mystical and certainly magical sound! Just when I'm sure that all the possible arpeggios