June 8, 2020: "This Week in Fingerstyle!"

June 8, 2020

Wow, June is moving right along, and Daryl Shawn has come through with a new top ten of the best in fingerstyle guitar! The world is beginning to open up after crisis and the music is still flowing! Thanks Daryl for helping to keep us going and entertained during this time and all the rest of the year!  

"The most exciting playlist on Spotify" reloaded again for a great Monday morning! "This Week in Fingerstyle" curated by Daryl Shawn is where you'll find the absolute best that true "Indie" has to offer in the world of fingerstyle! Daryl does all the selecting of the tunes, I just make a few comments. Put your headphones on or AirPods in and disappear into these wonderful sounds as we check out what gems Daryl found for us this week! "This Week" now has over 500 "Followers" enjoying this weekly treat!

First up is "Prayer for the Weary" by Mawk Phoenix. A beautiful blend of guitar cello and other strings & things to get you grounded for the day and the week! Wonderful!

"Scenic Journey" by Billy-Joe is a beautiful trip that fills the gap we have all had during "lockdown" across this planet. Billy-Joe is "in the zone" on this one and manages to take us on a serene scenic journey with just his guitar. It's like a virtual vacation that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime. Beautiful Billy-Joe!

"Fahey's Comet" by Derek Brookshire gives us a fast-paced ride through the galaxy in this sonic tribute to the great John Fahey! The stars sparkle on this exhilarating ride! Well done Derek!

"Northern Sunrise" by Nylonwings lets you see the dawn through the eyes of David Westin as he displays his exquisite compositional skills on the nylon-stringed guitar.

"Mo Chridhe" by Stephen Wake is yet another in the long line of sweet & slightly melancholic traditional Celtic pieces by Stephen that show again why he is among the best of today's Celtic masters! You can put this one on repeat and listen all day!

"Arunachala Shiva" by Mathew Joseph is a shining example of Mathew's unique diversity in, and understanding of, cultures and genres that he brings to the world of music! With almost every new piece Mathew takes me where I've never had the chance to go and paints the world a more beautiful color using the sound of his guitars! Just a tremendous and moving piece Mathew!

"The Golden Hour" by Karlijn Langendijk is masterful landing somewhere between classical and new age with both beauty and intensity. A piece that allows the space to ponder and just feel the beauty of the music! Lovely!

"Rocky Way" by Roberto Dalla Vecchia is grounded and earthy in a way that makes you sure you know this song from the first couple of beats. What a tremendous and unique ability Roberto has to be able to tie into the cosmic roots of a genre that evolved far from his homeland. Inspiring and satisfying!

"Cormac" by Chris Chambers is an epic 8 1/2 minute genre-blending break from the streaming world of 2 minute pieces that lets you know this man knows how to play and don't try to stop him! A wonderful break!

"Kender Marie" by Eoin Coogan creates and captures a space that is new, unique and refreshing! Visions of zoning out just off stage completely absorbed and saturated by the sounds of this inimitable talent at a festival come to mind and I'm mesmerized! So good!

And don't stop there! Remember that all the past selections follow the new top ten starting with Dimitris Korontzis' "In the Garden"!

Daryl Shawn, thank you again for making my Monday mornings a very special and exciting part of every week!

And that's it for another "This Week in Fingerstyle" by Daryl Shawn who every week puts together "the most exciting playlist on Spotify"!

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