June 15, 2020: "This Week in Fingerstyle!"

June 15, 2020

Halfway through June, wow! Daryl Shawn has come through to ease us into another summer with a new top ten of the best in fingerstyle guitar! The world is beginning to open up after crisis and the music is flowing! Thanks Daryl for helping to keep us going and entertained during this time and all the rest of the year!  

"The most exciting playlist on Spotify" reloaded again for a great Monday morning! "This Week in Fingerstyle" curated by Daryl Shawn is where you'll find the absolute best that true "Indie" has to offer in the world of fingerstyle! Daryl does all the selecting of the tunes, I just make a few comments. Put your headphones on or AirPods in and disappear into these wonderful sounds as we check out what gems Daryl found for us this week! "This Week" now has over 500 "Followers" enjoying this weekly treat!

First up is "Calling on the Love" by Christie Lenée & Laurence Juber! Wow! This one stands out! Crazy good! You must give this one a listen! 

"Glistening Time" by Alan Shoesmith: sweet melody with a small club feel that will have you imagining yourself at a darkly lit club enjoying the recent past of something called "gigs" with a master guitarist and composer filling the evening!

"Night on Maui" is Andrew York's most recent. Just a beautiful quiet interlude on the lanai as the moon rises over the ocean! Love this piece and the sound of that guitar!

"Bioluminescence" by Realizer & Open Palm takes us off the lanai out into the calm ocean where the phenomenon of bioluminescence can be seen at its best on those wonderful times when it occurs. An almost magical phenomenon and an equally magical piece!

"Ebullient" by Aske Stampe will put some life in your step as you skip along wherever you are on your walk. If you have your AirPods in while listening to this one, you'll be dancing in the streets!

"Sakura" by Will Moore is influenced by and captures beautifully that minimalist essence of the orient. Soothing, beautiful and refreshing!

"Winter By The Sea" by Ewan Dobson is sort of like if Rodrigo y Gabriela were to do an Irish jig! Mesmerizing!

"A Week in January" by Rick Cyge really shows off Rick's skill! With an Irish/Western quality, I can readily imagine this one playing in the background of a classic western movie during the movie's most poignant and reflective scene! Really a tremendous blend of cultures. Well done Rick, Sedona is all over and throughout this piece! 

"Solo (Fingerstyle Guitar Instrumental)" by Jason Van Buren, yes, a 12-string! So difficult to pull off well is the 12-string as a fingerstyle instrument and Jason is a master! Nothing sounds like the 12-string! Love this piece and will be listening to a lot more Jason Van Buren this week and beyond! Thank you!

"Imagine" by Franco Morone is a wonderful cover of the song that everyone on the planet knows, but pulled off with finesse as Franco interprets this classic just a little differently! The perfect example of a cover done extremely well! 

And don't stop there! Remember that all the past selections follow the new top ten starting with Charlie Wilks' "Hints of Spain"!

Daryl Shawn, thank you again for making my Monday mornings a very special and exciting part of every week!

And that's it for another "This Week in Fingerstyle" by Daryl Shawn who every week puts together "the most exciting playlist on Spotify"!

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