May 25, 2020: "This Week in Fingerstyle!"

May 25, 2020

Memorial Day in the USA, and so many events cancelled or postponed during this ongoing COVID-19 crisis that has changed our lives over the past few months, but Daryl Shawn has come through with a new top ten of the best in fingerstyle guitar every week during this: Thanks Daryl for helping to keep us going and entertained during this time and all the rest of the year!  

"The most exciting playlist on Spotify" reloaded again for a great Monday morning! "This Week in Fingerstyle" curated by Daryl Shawn is where you'll find the absolute best that true "Indie" has to offer in the world of fingerstyle! Daryl does all the selecting of the tunes, I just make a few comments. Put your headphones on or AirPods in and disappear into these wonderful sounds as we check out what gems Daryl found for us this week! "This Week" now has over 500 "Followers" enjoying this weekly treat!

First up is "Ghost of Trees" by Whalebone. A sad, melancholy tune perfect for reflecting on this day of reflection in the USA and other places around the world. Just a beautiful tune that cuts through all the distractions and pierces to the heart. Absolutely beautiful!

Another very soulful haunting tune follows with "Lonely Soul" by Soulgarden. Just sit back and let the thoughts and emotions flood across your soul and carry you into a better world! 

Tim Thompson pulls us back to the 70's with his cover of "Midnight At The Oasis"! Delightful with some tasty guitar licks to get you groovin'!

"Teensie's Tune" by Adam Reifsnyder falls into that sweet realm just between consciousness and dreams! Gorgeous!

"The River and the Mountain" is a treat in many ways! Just to have these two masters working together is treat enough, but this piece is truly beautiful bringing out the best in each of them and is perhaps the most poignant of all the new Elgafar pieces. Maneli Jamal & Tommy Berre really outdid themselves and hit my favorite musical spot with a full, lush and melancholy piece that hangs just slightly on the western side and evokes images of grand mountains, forests and brilliantly shining rivers! Don't be surprised if you hear this one in a future movie as the sun sets over a majestic western mountain range!

"Extempore 1" by Charlie Laffer is short, sweet, lovely & jazzy! Just a luscious morsel!

"In the Garden" by Dimitris Korontzis is a lovely excursion into delicate and beautiful environs where you could sit for hours and relish in the music and afternoon sun! 

I'm honored to have my own version of "Carolan's Receipt" on "This Week"! Thank you Daryl! This tune is the 300 year old celebration of the blind Irish harpist Turlough O'Carolan who had just received word from his physician that he could return to imbibing after a medically prescribed period of abstinence. Needless to say, Turlough was relieved and celebrating! It is a sweet and yet poignant glimpse into the consciousness of a man deprived of sight, but possessing the gift of a prolific musical talent. 

If music were a physical place, "For Virginia" by Peter Lainson would be a spot high on a ridge at the edge of a Southwestern canyon where you can see and delve into precious layer by millennial layer. Beautifully executed and evocative, Peter creates a grand musical vista that carries us over that canyon as if on the wings of a red-tailed hawk, soaring effortlessly with a perfect view of the ages! The perfect meditation piece that lets you melt through both time and place to quickly get to a state that otherwise takes an hour of intense meditation. Stunning!

"The Important Part" by Brian Eyre has a slight hard edge that forces you to listen intently to every note and learn the intricacies of "fingerstyle"! A perfect piece to end the new top ten of "This Week in Fingerstyle!"

And don't stop there! Remember that all the past selections follow the new top ten starting with the incredible Jon Hart's "Mr. Writer"!

Daryl Shawn, thank you again for making my Monday mornings a very special and exciting part of every week!

And that's it for another "This Week in Fingerstyle" by Daryl Shawn who every week puts together "the most exciting playlist on Spotify"!

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